What We Do

At the heart it: We help your business be better – however you define “better.” 

We provide outsourced and fractional CFO expertise and services.  We ease fear, pain, and uncertainty by applying proven, sound financial practices and methodologies.  We fix problems and help you take advantage of opportunities.

Are there things you don’t know about your business? Do you have an idea but you don’t know if it’s a good one?  Or perhaps you just want another set of eyes on your business to ensure that everything is the way it should be.   We’re that independent third party that that isn’t too close so as to miss the forest through the trees.

Are you spending too much time “running your business” and not enough time “working in the business” with clients and doing what you love?  We know how to successfully run businesses of all sizes.  We honestly enjoy the stuff that you probably dread: accounting and finance, HR, employee health insurance coverage, retirement plans, etc.  Leave it to us and consider it done.

Is that bottom line number just not where you need or want it to be?  Your profits might be “fine” but you want a few more dollars to make that next big investment to grow.  Or perhaps business isn’t so great, and you need advice on the best way to right size your business to survive.  We’ve been through those good and bad times, and we know how to figure out the best path among many options.

Are you a business owner who is thinking it might soon be time to exit or one who is looking to grow through acquisition?  We’ve been through due diligence and mergers/acquisitions before and some were done really well and others …. well, not so much.  We have the experience to redo the successful things and the foresight to avoid the challenges, helping yo maximize value and achieve a successful transaction.